Our Philosophy

A Philosophy of Trusted Service

Since 1976, Capizzi Home Improvement has maintained a customer-centric philosophy that is based on service, trust, and mutual respect. To us, complete customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business and the goal that we strive for every day.

We know that a happy customer is a repeat customer, and the best form of marketing we could get. That is why for every project, our clients can rely on us for award-winning design, superior craftsmanship, and a commitment to customer service that exceeds all expectations. Our designers, project managers, and installation specialists, help make every renovation process easy, enjoyable, rewarding, and focused on your needs.

Our 7 points for your project’s success:

  1. Free initial in home consultation
  2. Detailed proposal and  in color 3D virtual design plans when appropriate
  3. Structured production schedule
  4. Seamless communication throughout the project
  5. Full manufacturer warranties on materials
  6. Five-year, 100% Capizzi workmanship guarantee
  7. Annual follow-up inspections


More Importantly, Why Should You Care? Nationally known local contractor’s STORY

For starters, it's probably no big surprise that I became a contractor. I was basically destined to be one following in the footsteps of both of my grandfathers and my father. It is because of them, that I learned the single most crucial val-ue to have both in life and business, but espe-cially in the construction industry. A value that holds true, even to this day.

My grandfather, Grandpa Capizzi (Anthony Capizzi), was a fine finish carpenter and an amazing jazz guitarist and chef. When it came to his craft, the most important things were his word (doing what he said he would do) and providing exceptional quality work. The car-pentry trade was an art form to my grandfa-ther, probably as a result of his heritage and the traditions passed down to him. I remem-ber the cause of major frustration for my grandfather was having to witness first hand so many deplorable projects done by other contractors. He would actually get very angry about it, often saying, "If you're going to do a job, do it right."
There was also my Papa, Joe Coughlin, who was always in the customer service business, from owning a little store in Connecticut as a young man to becoming part Owner/Manager of our local Howard Johnson here on Cape Cod, to his final career as a new home builder on Cape Cod. This goes back to the 1970's where he built a good quality, affordable new home for young families to finally realize their dream of homeownership. His advertisement in the paper was very simple; it read "New Home for Sale. No Money, No Problem. Call me, Joe Coughlin, Builder." He was one of the first to offer no money down to buy a home by loaning them the down payment! Papa was successful by helping other people get what they wanted and needed.

And then there is my father, Tom Capizzi, Sr. Yup, you guessed it, he started in the busi-ness by following in his father's footsteps, learning the carpentry trade and ultimately founding Capizzi Home Improvement in 1976 in the same office building in Cotuit, MA that we are in today.
My dad continued the tradition of providing good, quality work and doing what he said he would do for his clients, a really simple formu-la that we still follow here today. (Also, like his father, he enjoys playing the guitar and likes to cook. Does anything ever change?)

So, why am I sharing all of this with you?

As a third generation tradesman and home im-provement/building & remodeling business owner, I have a lot to live up to. I have to con-fess, I can't play any musical instruments or cook, but I am very competitive by nature, both personally and in business.

I do whatever I can, within reason, (personally) to win at my sport of racing sports cars on some of the most well-known race tracks around the country and (professionally) in business, against some fierce competition to earn the trust and confidence of homeowners in need of great, old fashioned, quality work and service. And, yes, at times, with no money down, just like Papa offered back in the 1970's.

I work constantly day and night to improve every aspect of our service to you while adhering to the single most crucial value passed down to me from both my grandfathers and father, doing what we say we will do while providing exceptional quality work and service. I guess you would have to say that I am driven (literally, on the track) to keep the heritage and traditions of my grandfathers and father thriving so as not to let you or them down.

We Can Serve:

To ensure the most consistent levels of personalized service, we also offer all our clients our Plain Talk Guarantee. This means we only deliver the renovations and improvements you need and explain everything in terms you will always understand.

Our company asks you questions and listens to your needs. That way, we can educate and consult you on the best way to enhance the look and feel of your home, and propose solutions, in writing, so as to leave nothing to chance.

Capizzi Home Improvement invites you to experience our philosophy of service firsthand. Call and speak with one of our associates today at 508-428-9518.